Continuous Integration for your webapp

Continuous Integration with Travis-CI

Travis-CI offers a continuous integration service—that is, it will continously test your application each time you update the code for it in your repository.

This is great for web applications (indeed, for all applications)

In principle, you will thorougly test your web application after each change. You will have created unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests, and you’ll run them (by hand) before committing any new change.

In practice, you sometimes forget. Continuous integration ensures that every time you commit a change, there is a “robot” that runs your tests as a “backup”, to ensure that all is well. If all is not well, you’ll get a notication of that (for example, by email, or by a “status bug” that you can put in the file of your repository.

TODO: More info on Travis-CI here

Travis-CI with Ruby

When using Travis-CI with Ruby, it is important to remember to ensure that if you specify a Ruby version in your Gemfile, that you specify the same one in your .travis.yml file. For example:


source ''
ruby "2.1.7"


language: ruby
  - 2.1.7
script: "bundle exec jekyll build"