Spring Boot: Heroku

Running Spring Boot Applications On Heroku

To run a Spring Boot application on Heroku:

  1. If you are using the heroku-maven-plugin be sure that the <web> element includes setting the port number to the one that Heroku wants the application to run on. In the example below, jar-file-name-1.0 is just an example. It should actually match the name of the jar file created by your pom.xml. It’s the --server.port=$PORT that you are more likely to be missing.

             <web>java $JAVA_OPTS -jar target/jar-file-name-1.0.jar --server.port=$PORT</web>
  2. Similarly, if you are using the Procfile to start up the application by automatically deploying a branch from the Heroku dashboard, then you’ll need to be sure the Profile contains the --server.port=$PORT flag, e.g.

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